The new dashboard is open for beta testing, and few screenshots — Jesse

I mentioned in my previous post that I’m working on the new dashboard release. I’m happy to announce that a beta version of it is available to everyone interested in trying it out, and I have screenshots for the rest of you.

However, since this is an important release with significant changes to the basics of Jesse, I thought it’s best if I release a beta version of it so those of you who are interested in contributing can install and test it.

To get started, head over to the README of the dashboard branch and you’ll find a full guide of how to get started.



Import candles:


Backtest execution progressbar

Backtest results

Live trading monitoring dashboard

Logs of the live trading session


Dark Mode

Estimated release date

  • Do more tests for at least 1 week, and fix the found bugs
  • Update the documentation and replace guides that use the old CLI interface.
  • Finish the genetics mode. (yes, in the beta release it’s completely disabled)

Doing all of that could take at least two weeks of work. On the other hand, with the latest news about Binance, I find it essential to release the FTX driver ASAP. Hence, I will move my attention to FTX driver for now which I’m expecting to take about 10 days to fully implement.

Thank you guys for your support, as always.

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